Mission Statement

"To assist those in our care to restore balance, health, harmony, and happiness to their lives.  Working through the Native American concept of "Good Medicine", and incorporating concepts from Traditional Chinese Medicine and other herbal medical systems, to educate clients in regards to the attainment and retention of good health."

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Why Herbal Medicine?

    Quite simply, because it works - it has worked in the past, it works for people right now, and it will continue to work in the future.  Herbal medicine is a "people's medicine", a means of healing utilizing plants that are readily available (either from a yard or garden, the woods, or from a store) to eliminate dis-ease and restore or promote health.  Herbal medicine has a longer recorded history of safe and effective use, throughout the world, than allopathic (or "western") medicine has or ever will have.  The first recorded document proving the use of herbs for medicines, the Ebers papyrus, is dated from 1550 B.C - which makes it one of the two oldest preserved medical documents anywhere.  Of course there are limits to what herbal medicine can do on its own, but within those limits it can play a pivotal role in recovering and maintaining health.  Herbalism is also as environmentally friendly as you can get - you cannot help but cultivate a deep reverence for plants and  a strong connection with nature once you start learning to use its remarkable healing resources.  The ultimate in "green" healing, herbs create peace and balance in both our internal environments (our bodies) and our external environments (out in nature) and, therefore, help us lead longer, happier, healthier lives.  Mahalo.

The Mind / Body Connection

    Many times dis-harmony within the body is reflected in the mental state, and vice versa.  Therefore it is important, as part of any truly holistic therapy, to address the mind and spirit as well.  This can be affected by the recommendation of lifestyle choices, through various types of exercise, by the use of flower essences, through the use of crystals and gems to promote healing, and various other modalities.  The most poignant piece of information to keep in mind is this - you have to want and be receptive to healing for it to take place.  For, if you want to heal, then you'll be willing to take the steps necessary to make that possible.

Why Wind Fox Herbal?

    At Wind Fox Herbal we have a very high and well substantiated rate of success with the clients we work with.  We practice rigorous quality control - all the herbs used at Wind Fox Herbal are grown organically, ethically wild harvested from areas free of contamination, or obtained from trusted, reliable sources (local whenever possible).  It is our personal guarantee to use only the purest, most potent, and ecologically sound herbs available in all of our formulations.

    All herbal extracts in our formulations are either made personally by Joel Wind Fox Boyle or another reliable professional herbalist, to ensure potency, efficacy, and accuracy.  If an extract ever fails to meet our high standards for potency, it is simply not used (except as the solution for a double extraction).  Our herbal formulations for clients are carefully created, to address both the deeper imbalances within the body's systems as well as the more acute accompanying discomforts and symptoms that are being experienced.  In general, our herbal combinations are synergized to address both of these concurring aspects, making Wind Fox Herbal's formulation uniquely efficient in addressing both immediate and long term resolution of issues.  That means fewer herbs taken, with more specific results..

    It should be noted that, because of our green commitment, Wind Fox Herbal utilizes ways to reduce/negate waste and make use of recycled materials.  When herbs are extracted the "marc" (leftover herbal material) is composted and added back to the soil to enrich it for future generations of plants.  Organizations such as Freecycle and Craigslist are also used to prevent dumping large and/or usable materials in landfills. 

 "I walk with a deep reverence in my heart for Mother Earth, and do my best to reflect that in all my practices." 

               - Joel Wind Fox Boyle, Certified Clinical Herbalist

About the Owner / Herbalist

Joel Wind Fox Boyle is a Clinical Herbalist certified through the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism. He has completed courses in Native American healing through The Good Medicine Society, worked as an herbal extraction technician for Gaia Herbs, and is an avid organic farmer and gardener. He currently teaches classes and plant walks through best-selling author Kat James' Total Transformation Program, teaches classes and plant walks for Chimney Rock Park, leads plant walks for the Botanical Gardens at Asheville/UNC (including one last summer for their 50th anniversary), has taught programs through the Appalachian Trail Conservancy / Western North Carolina Alliance, teaches at the Firefly Gathering, and is a regular teacher for the Appalachia School of Holistic Herbalism.  Consultations are available either in person or by phone and email to conveniently serve you personally in a confidential and professional manner (for which the forms on the services page must be filled out and turned in).  Joel Wind Fox Boyle also publishes articles on a range of valuable holistic topics, so check them out and let us know what you think.  Peace, good health, and Aloha. 


"I have no doubt in my mind that without your help CLIENT would not have fared as well through radiation (your recommendations via email were so helpful in reducing so many of the negative effects of radiation) and she would not have bounced back as quickly and dramatically as she did afterwards ...  Your knowledge is great and is balanced by the heart and soul you put into your work.  That sounds corny but I really do want you to understand that in my view your part in CLIENT's recovery was significant and substantial.  I am deeply grateful to you.  It would be a very good thing I could do to refer people to you. I already have and will continue to do so. Thank you Joel!!"

Andrea H in Knoxville, TN

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