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Investor with losses ?: How to compensate for the losses?

Investors who have suffered losses with any of their products can be compensated. Finance gives them the opportunity to compensate for the losses suffered with the profits obtained in the past year and thus reduce the tax bill in the income statement. Although yes, with a limit.

Make your life easier

Make your life easier

In these times there is not a day when we are not looking for ways to improve our lives. We live in an era in which the economy changes constantly, so we should always be attentive to the opportunities that come our way.

Stocks, mutual funds and pension plans: how they are taxed in Income

When adjusting accounts with the Treasury, financial products must also be reflected in the income statement. Shares, pension plans or investment funds have special taxation. Know how they tax help to do a better planning of finances and get the most out of the savings.

Surcharges of up to 150% if you do not declare the tourist flats in the Rent

The owners of tourist rental houses that do not include this income in the income tax return are subject to a penalty consisting of the payment of the undeclared income, plus a surcharge of between 50% and 150% of the amount not declared to the tax, depending on whether the offense is mild, serious or very serious.

There are still deposits that rent more than 1%, but you should look outside of Spain

The profitability of deposits right now in Spain is close to 0%, at minimum levels of the last 15 years. However, there are still banks with which you can earn even more than 1%. Of course, we must look outside our borders, since the best fixed terms belong to foreign entities that offer their products in our country through the Internet.

BdE: The reforms will make the spending of pensioners fall “substantially”

The reforms applied to the pension system will cause both the spending of pensioners and their welfare level to register a “substantial” fall, according to the Bank of Spain. A fact that will have, in turn, negative effects on the economy as a whole.

Hacienda returns more than 1.2 billion in two weeks of the Income campaign

The Tax Agency has already returned more than 1,200 million euros in the two weeks that the Renta campaign has been running. According to the Treasury, up to now, 3,248,000 taxpayers have filed their declaration, 613,000 more than on the same dates of last year. Of these, 2,042,000 have already received the refund, 32% more.

The online betting business is consolidated

The online betting business is consolidated

The gaming sector is constantly growing and has become an important source of income for the state coffers. In global terms, the capital from the game is equivalent to approximately 3.5% of Spanish GDP, which places it ahead of activities such as agriculture, livestock and fisheries. In addition, the sector provides direct employment to 80,000 people.

Bankia recognizes “incidents” in Bizum following the complaint of several users

Several users and customers of Bankia have reported via Twitter that the ‘app’ Bizum, which collaborates with the main banks in Spain with the exception of ING Direct, “has not worked for weeks”.

The mobile may have the solution to financial exclusion, according to Mastercard

Technology is a powerful weapon to fight against financial exclusion. So much so, that the management of finances through the mobile phone can make more than 600 million people have access to a financial product, which means reducing by more than one third the population of the whole world that does not have an account banking

Households flee from risk: most of their savings are in deposits

Households flee from risk: most of their savings are in deposits

The wealth of households continues to be above the levels prior to the economic crisis. However, the balance in financial assets fell by 1.6% last year. Spanish families flee from risk and take refuge in safer products in exchange for giving up profitability. In fact, the bulk of household financial assets were in cash and deposits.

Gasoline does not stop rising: where it is cheaper to refuel at Easter

The operation out of Holy Week begins with gasoline at its highest level since November last year. To fill the deposit of the car costs to the pockets of the Spaniards six Euros more than a year ago. The average price of gasoline stands at 1,307 euros per liter and that of diesel, at 1,232 euros per liter. The cheapest gas station is in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, on the peninsula, Girona is the province with the lowest cost for refueling.

Treasury loses 5,300 million per year due to the gender gap in pensions

The gender gap in pensions causes the Treasury to stop paying more than 5,300 million euros per year. Something that is due to the fact that this inequality causes women to have less capacity to consume, which implies a lower tax collection. Due to several factors, the average public pension of a woman is up to 450 euros lower than that of a man.

The fiscal changes end with the idea of ​​’better buy than rent’, according to BdE

Although the proportion of the Spanish population that lives on rent is still reduced, the percentage of households that are in this situation has increased in recent years. The reforms in the taxation of housing have led to the end of the idea in favor of buying versus renting.

Families with children, the most favored of the changes in Income

This year’s statement includes a series of changes. Among them, exemptions for maternity and paternity, deductions for daycare expenses or descendant from the third child stand out. These measures imply that families with children are the great beneficiaries of the new 2018 Income.