Student loan guaranteed by the State: conditions, amount

What is the student loan guaranteed by the state?

The student loan guaranteed by the State is a type of personal loan where the State guarantees the loan, that is to say, that in case of unpaid bills on your part, its role will be to ensure loan repayments for you. The goal of this type of is to help students get credit more easily.

These specific student loans are nevertheless issued by traditional banking institutions. They signed a partnership with the state to have the right to grant this type of student loan. These partner banks therefore agree that you do not need to bring a bond or guarantor, after making your case with the state body in charge, Bpifrance.

This assisted loan is not granted under conditions of resources!

The characteristics of the student loan guaranteed

Each partner bank has the possibility to freely set several characteristics of this loan:

  • Its amount, up to a maximum of € 15,000;
  • Its student loan rate;
  • Its duration, within the limit of 2 years minimum.

According to the Government, the average amount of these loans is € 8,300 per student over an average period of 6 years, including a two-year delay between the end of studies and the start of repayment.

Repayment of this credit

Repayment of this credit

As for the repayment of the student loan guaranteed by the State, you have the possibility to repay all the debt at the end of your studies. You can also repay only interest or even loan insurance according to your credit agreement.

How to get a student loan secured by the state?

How to get a student loan secured by the state?

First, you must meet certain conditions in order to benefit from this state aid:

  • To be enrolled in an institution of higher education in France: university, engineering school or trade
  • Be under 28 years old
  • Have French nationality or from a country

The student loan application

The student loan application

If you meet these criteria, you can then turn to one of the partner banks to apply for a student loan. However, you should know that these institutions have no obligation to give you this credit, even if the State has vouched. Moreover, most of the time, the number of student loans guaranteed by the State is limited per year for each partner bank.

The student loan file guaranteed by the State is then identical to the standard student credits.

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