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The reunification of debts: a great solution for your finances

Maybe at this time or in the future you have to face different types of expenses that carry with you an application for an individual loan for each one of them. If you are one of those who are in this situation, or you are cautious and you are weighing this option in the future to see how to deal with these payments, let me tell you that there is a service that will help you to reunify debts to face the payments in a more comfortable.

In this article I want to talk a little about this option and why it can help your financial health. And not only that, I also want to mention one of the companies that can help you to hire this type of service. Suitaprest is a financial company dedicated to this sector so they are experts in reunifying debts nationwide. 

Reunify debts What is it?


This financial operation consists of grouping different loans requested by the person in a single one in which a new contract negotiation is opened, new interest and new payment terms are fixed. This debt reunification solution allows for longer payment terms, making it possible for the new amount of the resulting installment to be smaller than the sum of several individual loans.

In order to carry out the reunification it is necessary to have a mediating company that will be the one that will negotiate directly with the financial entities and this is where Suitaprest comes in. It is they who will be able to unify different types of debts into one, be it mortgage, car, card loans and other receipts. All this even if you are in delinquency files or if there has been a default in any of the loans.

Benefits of reuniting debts
The main benefit will always be the new operation itself, where you can negotiate a new payment term that will reduce the monthly payment to be paid. This can be very healthy for your pocket which will allow you to have more liquidity for other things.

And not only is this drop in the monthly fee attractive: we can also adjust the interest rate that we had dragged with each of the previous loans.

Possibly the interest rate decreases and you get to pay a lower amount than the month to month you were paying with your financial institution. A clear example can be that the amount of a 5-year debt carries with it an interest rate that exceeds 19% and thanks to the reunification with Suitaprest we manage to reduce interest at many fewer points with a very high saving

Another reason why the application for debt reunification can be beneficial to improve your finances is that you can even drastically reduce the amount to be paid by the early repayments that can be made.

In conclusion, we can take advantage of this option to unify in a single payment, pay less interest, amortize some debts and continue paying less. Do you think this is a good option to improve your finances?